Canadream Farm's KWPN Mare:  Energy, Prov keur, prok

Energy is an imported very modern type mare who shows incredible expressive movement. She received an impressive 80 80 score when inspected for studbook making her provisional keur. Like all of our mares she also received the prok predicate. With a qualifying score et non qualifyins at her IBOP testing, she would earn the Elite predicate. She was presented at a keuring in 2014 to perform the IBOP test but Energy came up with a fever and cough the day of the keuring. We decided to give it a try but she was definitely not at her best. We plan to re-present her after she has had her current foal.

DOB: April 13, 2009
Height: 16.1 1/2 h

Registration information
# 528003200908952

Sire: Special D


Dam: Tolanda, Elite preferent


Dam Sire: Krack C


2015 Kincardi Dream

Sire: Charmeur

2017 Maserati Dream

Sire: Charmeur

2018 Narnia Dream

Sire: Charmeur

     Energy`s sire : Special D

Energy’s sire, Special D, represents proven combination of Olympic Ferro crossed with G. Ramiro Z, which produced his sire Metall. Special D is supported on the dam’ s side by solid, proven bloodlines with quality movements, such as Zandigo, Farn, Doruto and Uron. Special D placed 6th in his Stallion Test in 2002 and was the winner of the 2003 Pavo Cup. 


Energy comes from an unbroken predicates on the damline. Her dam Tolanda produced the approved stallion Apache. Tolanda, an elite preferent mare, performed a very good IBOP test. Her sire Krack C is a celebrated name in dressage. In addition to competing very successfully in Grand Prix under Anky van Grunsven, he boasts numerous approved sons. Energy’s grandam Olanda, ster preferent, is by Inspekteur a former small tour competitor.