Zhivago, KWPN approved stallion. Also approved GOV and Rheinlander

Zhivago (Krack C x Jazz)


Registration # 528003 04.02032


Born in 2004

17.1 hands



Krack C was successful for many years in the Grand Prix and had a huge influence in Dutch breeding. Dam Orendy is a Jazz daughter known for birthing multiple internationally competitive Grand Prix foals. Orendy’s full sister, Serendy, is the dam of KWPN approved stallion Zuidenwind (OO Seven). Grandmother Endy (Ulft) has offspring in the I2 (Damiro), 4th level (Jazz), and 3rd level (Contango). She’s also the grandmother of approved stallion Viento Uno W (Numero Uno). Grandmother Wendy (Amor) sired a 4th level horse by Ferro and multiple 3rd level horses by Ferro and Krack C.

Performance test winner, Pavo Cup Champion & Stallion Competition Champion

Zhivago’s offspring is starting to stand out more and more at a national level. He passes on a fine character and they really start to develop their connection and rideability as they mature. The German Filegra (Zhivago x Tango) is one of the most remarkable horses in the Prix. St. Georges and successful under Holga Finken. At the 2017 KWPN Stallion Inspection, Zhivago received an approval for a son out of Locato x Caretino Holsteiner mare.

Zhivago himself Zhivago became the Dressage Reserve Champion in Den Bosch. He went on to win the stallion performance testing with an impressive score of 87. Zhivago also won the Pavo Cup under Theo Hanzon as well as all the stallion competitions in M class (2nd level) in 2009/2010. In 2010/2011 they continued to win and scored an impressive 89 points in the KWPN Stallion Inspection Final. In 2011, Zhivago moved on to the winning the ZZ-Licht and ZZ-Zwaar (4th level). In 2012, Theo and Zhivago leveled up to Prix St. Georges. Their debut was incredibly successful with a winning score of 73.29%. In 2013, they achieved a 2nd place Intermediate 1 Freestyle and 3rd overall at the Dutch National Championships.

In 2016 Zhivago returned to the ring with Dinja van Liere. After multiple high scores, they participated in the stallion class of the World Cup Young Horses in Ermelo. Here, Zhivago showed to be the best performing registered KWPN stallion.

Official KWPN Rapport 2007:

Zhivago is an honest, reliable stallion with an impressive character. The stallion is very willing to work and allows for remarkable rideability. His walk is strong and clean with lots of space. His trot is large and well-carried. The canter is upwards, spacious and strong. The stallion has a good frame in his movement which complements his natural balance and suppleness. Zhivago has a lot of talent for dressage and provides his rider with a good feel and support.



Royally developed, very ride-typical high-legged stallion who is built upwards. His head is elegant and his neck is good in length, shape, and muscles. His back is slightly dropped. His front leg is good in length and correctly angled. His hind legs are correct. His fetlocks are long. His foundation is well developed and of high quality. His feet are correctly developed.


Stable Manners:

Honest, trustworthy stallion who’s easy in hand and quiet in the barn.

Performance Test Scores:

Walk (x2): 9

Trot (x2): 8

Canter (x2): 9

Elasticity: 8.5

Posture & balance: 8.5

Rideability & attitude: 9

Talent as a dressage horse: 9

Total: 87